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Unlock more product revenue with our revolutionary personalized recommendations based on behaviour, preferences and intent, served in real-time. Customers are shown their own personal shop window in the email filled with products they’ll love.

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Hundreds of live emails from leading brands all in one place. Content inspiration to help you get more clicks, more revenue, and provide better in-email experiences to your customers. Updated monthly with new examples.

LYNX - product recommendations for email
Superior Email - slide 2

The powerful live email content platform that increases engagement, sales and revenue. Our revolutionary AI-powered recommendations for email combined with our live email toolkit powers email content for over 250 brands worldwide.

LYNX - product recommendations for email
BEST OF 2020 - slide 2

Each year we choose the most exceptional live emails sent by our customers to feature in our ‘best of live email’ showcase. Download now to see over 50 inspirational and excellently executed emails from leading brands.

LYNX - product recommendations for email
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