Asda Instagram Tag

If you’ve not seen Asda’s Instagram page recently, then you need to check it out. It’s seriously good. Fantastic photography and great engagement. It’s no wonder that Asda decided to showcase their latest Instagram posts in the second ever instalment of Good Living.

In January 2016, the Asda magazine was relaunched as an online platform and email newsletter. Now called Good Living, the dedicated website features articles about food trends, fashion and style, home ideas and lifestyle tips to be a healthier, fitter family. The emails are visually striking, featuring powerful images alongside all the best Good Living articles and recipes.

This Open Time Marketing Tag ensures the content of this email is fresh and in-season, every time it is opened. When the content of an email is as attractive and engaging as this Good Living example, recipients are likely to keep the email and re-open it at a later date. The inclusion of social signals shows that we’re not the only ones who love it!

Here is the Instagram feed in the email:

Here is the full email:

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