Tag of the week – Dustin 1-2-1 Personalization


Dustin, a Nordics retailer and a fantastic member of the Kickdynamic family are turning heads throughout the ecommerce world with their truly 1-2-1 personalized email. Dustin are now providing truly advanced personalization and have fully automated their build process to deliver 1-2-1 product recommendations tailored to specific browse behaviors, and product preference.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.59.59Dustin connect a live API and design a live image template directly in the Kickdynamic interface. At the point of send, a user ID & sendout ID is merged into the live Tag, completing the API call returning the latest product recommendations for each customer. Each time the email is opened, the product information is updated, ensuring the recipient always sees the latest price and discount information. The live image uses advanced visibility functionality to display image layers based on differing information per product.

Dustin2What’s great about this capability of Kickdynamic is that it requires absolutely no customisation and can all be set up in the UI. Before the introduction of Kickdynamic, Dustin were unable to achieve this 1-2-1 product recommendation and personalization. They now use Kickdynamic in the majority of their emails.





Tag of the week – US Election Results

Throughout the US presidential election Washington Post leveraged Kickdynamic’s live image technology to bring the election results to life live in-email.

First up was a live map of the US which updated at every open to show the latest state-by-state poll results. Each state changed colour depending on who was in the lead at the point of open and then changed to a definite colour once a party had officially won the state.  This map was displayed to every recipient.


Following the US map, was a state map personalised to the state the recipient had a propensity for. For example, if a recipient had a propensity to open in Kentucky, they received a live map for the state of Kentucky which updated at every open to show the results for each constituency.

kentucky-00-03 kentucky-00-11 kentucky-00-21 kentucky-00-27 kentucky-00-33 kentucky-00-55








Final Result:


In addition to showing state-by-state election results, Washington Post also incorporated live news headlines in their emails which were live at open time as election news broke.

The breaking news headlines worked in the same way to the election results, whereby each recipient received state specific headlines based on their state of open propensity. Each live image had an individual click through link to a page on the Washington Post site. A maximum of 5 breaking news headlines was displayed in the email however in instances where there were less than 5 headlines at open time, the Kickdynamic tag automatically replaced the blank headline with an invisible 1×1 gif, effectively collapsing that section of the email.



This campaign was a fantastic use case for live-image technology, and successfully updated Washington Post’s subscribers with live election coverage as it was unfolding. An election has never been covered live in email before which makes this our Tag of the week!

P&O Content Automation

This week we love P&O’s use of Content Automation to display the latest blog content for four main destinations.

P&O Ferries send three major campaigns each year. For their summer campaign they turned to content automation to show the latest blog posts for each destination at open time.

The aim of the summer campaign is to win the summer business by inspiring potential customers as to what their next holiday may look like. The campaign runs across all of P&O’s routes and is supported by press and national TV. You can see the advert here.

The concept of the email campaign is to inspire. To keep the message consistent, and in line with TV, press and advertising, P&O decided to add Open Time Content Automation into their email to display the latest blog articles for 4 major destinations. This content fit perfectly with the inspirational side of things and the open time element allowed them to display the latest content into their email at open time – meaning the email was up-to-date and relevant at every open. This is especially useful as they update their blog content regularly – at least twice a week.

Using Content Automation it was easy for P&O to create image templates to fit in their existing email template. Using open time content automation means that their customers see new content every time they open, or re-open their email. Content automation was the way forward for a couple of reasons: it was easy to filter the feed by category to make sure customers get a mix of content, if posts get tagged for more than one country it only takes a few minutes to amend the tag to display something different.

The results for this campaign have been impressive. In previous campaigns, blog content of this type has been low down the list of links clicked through; this new approach has seen the blog content blocks appear in the top 10 click-throughs for the campaign.

“We were thrilled the moment Kickdynamic explained the concept of Content Automation and took us through it the first time. It has given us incredible flexibility and is quickly becoming our go-to method of getting live content into our emails”

Here’s some examples of the email in action:

Tags in the Email

Tags in the Email

Countries displayed in each Tag

Countries displayed in each Tag

Belgium and France Tags

Belgium and France Tags


Tags in the Email

Tags in the Email

Three mobile personalised image

Three use a personalised image with a twist in their email. The first letter of the recipient’s name determines headline: Matt’s Mail, Jordan’s Journal & Andrew’s Alert. The alliteration and bold design make this our tag of the week. The personalised image features two personalisation areas: first name and date.

Here is Tag examples:







ASDA Currency Tag

The ASDA Money site features the latest travel rates offered by ASDA at the point in time that you visit the site. This is powered by an external feed that automatically displays the latest currency rate.

With the latest rates showcased on the site, ASDA wanted to display the same rates, live, at every email open. As part of the Beta testing for Content Automation, ASDA created live currency tags by connecting their live currency xml feed to our live images. Each and every time the email is opened, the latest exchange rate from the feed is displayed.

Content Automation allowed this Tag to be set-up quickly and easily – in under 15minutes from start to finish. For this reason (and because it’s a great use of Open Time Marketing) we’ve made this our tag of the week.

Here is the Tag:

Asda Currency Tag

Here is the Tag in the email:



Live Countdown to Anya Hindmarch London Fashion Week show

This year fashionistas all over the globe were able to watch the Anya Hindmarch London Fashion Week show live. For maximum exposure and urgency, Anya Hindmarch implemented a Kickdynamic countdown timer as part of their London Fashion Week show promotion.

The Autumn/Winter 2016 show was brought to life on the runway in a show that explored the development of artificial consciousness and posed the question, do computers dream when they sleep? The bold style of the show was translated into the email with a custom font uploaded for the timer in the same pixel style as the show. The timer featured prominently in the email, with clear, concise messaging around it. The strong ‘add to diary’ call to action and the cross channel link to follow show preparations on Instagram made this our tag of the week.

Here is the full email:

Live Countdown to Fashion week

and here’s the Tag:

Anya Hindmarch Countdown to Fashion week

Countdown to Fashion week.

Net-A-Porter time-zone specific countdown timers

To drive engagement, and to promote the end of their sale, Net-A-Porter.com implemented time-zone specific countdown timers across multiple campaigns. Opting for a subtler approach to countdown timers, rather than including a timer in the header, the timers were positioned in the email footer next to their understated sale messaging. The simplistic, elegant design was engaging, and we loved the alternative positioning. The overall look, positioning and the results achieved makes this our tag of the week.

Here is what they had to say:

“Following the successful integration of countdown timers in our run up to Christmas emails, we sought to extend the timers flexibility at integrating across multiple emails, building the lower email promo in response. The result was a live promo which worked well at driving enga
gement and creating a sense of urgency, without distracting heavily from our main messages.”


– Christine Critchley, Net-A-Porter.com


Here is the full email:



Here is the countdown clock in action:


Asda Instagram Tag

If you’ve not seen Asda’s Instagram page recently, then you need to check it out. It’s seriously good. Fantastic photography and great engagement. It’s no wonder that Asda decided to showcase their latest Instagram posts in the second ever instalment of Good Living.

In January 2016, the Asda magazine was relaunched as an online platform and email newsletter. Now called Good Living, the dedicated website features articles about food trends, fashion and style, home ideas and lifestyle tips to be a healthier, fitter family. The emails are visually striking, featuring powerful images alongside all the best Good Living articles and recipes.

This Open Time Marketing Tag ensures the content of this email is fresh and in-season, every time it is opened. When the content of an email is as attractive and engaging as this Good Living example, recipients are likely to keep the email and re-open it at a later date. The inclusion of social signals shows that we’re not the only ones who love it!

Here is the Instagram feed in the email:

Here is the full email:

View full email

View full email