Holidays are coming!


The Christmas season is undoubtedly one of the most profitable times of the year for many retailers globally and with this in mind, email marketing campaign planning for the festive season often begins months in advance. Part of this planning is ensuring that email marketing is relevant, highly targeted and contextual to ensure your Christmas marketing plans are striking all the right chords with your subscribers.

The Christmas countdown is one of the few periods during the year where consumers are opting IN to spending money, therefore are more likely to engage and act upon marketing and special promotions. This is where the quality of email marketing becomes critical to a rewarding Christmas for any self-respecting retailer.

We’ve written a detailed Christmas whitepaper with lots of ideas and suggestions to help you deliver personalized, live content which is engaging to each one of your subscribers. To help you build and send more, better email at this busy time, many of these suggestions also focus on reducing the build time by automating parts of your email content where possible.

Here’s a sneak peak of our top three quick wins:

Time-targeted images –

During the lead up to Christmas, delivery and stock information becomes ever important to the recipient and using time-targeted images ensures your content is always relevant and up to date. The rule builder within the Kickdynamic platform allows you to swap images based on a range of conditions such as time/date, device and weather. Once set, these rules are pulled into one Tag which is generated and easily added to your HTML. By implementing this quick win, you are eliminating the display of out of date content meaning that no matter when the email is opened, the customer will always have a positive experience. Offer expired?Too late for delivery in time for Christmas? Run out of stock? These messages can all be communicated and updated accordingly.



Day parting –

Automatically display specific products and/or offers depending on the time the email is opened. These time targeted images can also be based on web sell-through or ‘trending’ data to always display content to openers at the time of day they are most likely to buy specific products. This is a great way to increase engagement as you serve images relevant to the context in which the email is opened. For example, in the morning show beauty gift sets, at lunchtime show food related/cooking products and in the evening show DVDs, entertainment or nightwear products.


Instagram Inspiration –

Use your pre-approved inspirational social media content in your emails throughout December. As this is a medium which is frequently updated, it will always update within the email as new posts are posted. This is a great way at add some festive cheer and extra visuals to your emails. Using Kickdynamic, your live Instagram tag only has to be set up once and it will always show the latest content.


So why not take a look at our Christmas whitepaper covering more quick wins and some strategic suggestions to help make this Christmas season the merriest one yet for you and your customers…

Tag of the week – US Election Results

Throughout the US presidential election Washington Post leveraged Kickdynamic’s live image technology to bring the election results to life live in-email.

First up was a live map of the US which updated at every open to show the latest state-by-state poll results. Each state changed colour depending on who was in the lead at the point of open and then changed to a definite colour once a party had officially won the state.  This map was displayed to every recipient.


Following the US map, was a state map personalised to the state the recipient had a propensity for. For example, if a recipient had a propensity to open in Kentucky, they received a live map for the state of Kentucky which updated at every open to show the results for each constituency.

kentucky-00-03 kentucky-00-11 kentucky-00-21 kentucky-00-27 kentucky-00-33 kentucky-00-55








Final Result:


In addition to showing state-by-state election results, Washington Post also incorporated live news headlines in their emails which were live at open time as election news broke.

The breaking news headlines worked in the same way to the election results, whereby each recipient received state specific headlines based on their state of open propensity. Each live image had an individual click through link to a page on the Washington Post site. A maximum of 5 breaking news headlines was displayed in the email however in instances where there were less than 5 headlines at open time, the Kickdynamic tag automatically replaced the blank headline with an invisible 1×1 gif, effectively collapsing that section of the email.



This campaign was a fantastic use case for live-image technology, and successfully updated Washington Post’s subscribers with live election coverage as it was unfolding. An election has never been covered live in email before which makes this our Tag of the week!

Tag of the week – Live Instagram at London Fashion Week

As the glitz and glamour unfolds at London Fashion Week 2016, Net-a-Porter strategically used a live Instagram Tags to provide their subscribers a VIP view of all the latest styles and news direct to their inbox.

By implementing the Kickdynamic Instagram Tag into emails, Net-a-porter subscribers get immediate access to up-to-date Fashion Week Instagram content at the point of open. The Tag continues to pull in content as it’s updated, ensuring that Net-a-porter’s content remains fresh and current.

Using an Instagram Tag not only adds an impressive visual element to outgoing email, but also encourages engagement from subscribers. Engagement goes beyond interactions at an email level, the Tag also encourages new followers as subscribers can click through to any Instagram account, interact with content and follow the brand for future updates.

Using this type of Tag doesn’t need to stop at campaign level emails – add real-time updateable content to your welcome programme, transactional or sales recovery emails and save yourself the time and resources you’d usually spend pausing and updating your lifecycle campaigns.

Here is the Tag:






Live Olympic Medal Table

Once the Olympics have officially started and the first medal has been awarded, the medal table below will automatically spring into action showing a live medal count for the top 3 nations throughout the games.

Live Medal Table:

If you’d like to set this up to include in your emails, here’s a quick how to:

  1. Source a data feed
  2. Create a Content Automation template in your account – connect it to the datafeed
  3. Upload a background image for the design
  4. Build out the content blocks, connecting them to the correct content in the feed
  5. Style it up, just how you want it to look.

    Top tip: Use the Row function on the right to move to a different position within the feed e.g. 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the medal table.

  6. Create a Content Automation Tag!
  7. Add it to your email and there you have it – a live medal table!

    Top Tip: Apply the widget in the rule builder to show a different image before the games begin and a different image after the games have ended.

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Customer Event Thursday 17th September

Last Thursday, September 17th, saw the return of our popular Kickdynamic customer event. Forty representatives from well-known retail, travel and publishing brands settled in the comfy surroundings of the Soho Hotel to hear about the latest and greatest open-time marketing techniques Kickdynamic provides marketers with to increase email engagement using contextual content.

Customers (and those who wanted to know more about the excellent stuff we’re up to) settled down to listen to presentations from retail guru Amanda Metcalfe, remarketing and retargeting expert Matt Holtz, Kickdynamic Commercial Director Andrew Robinson and CEO Matt Hayes.

Amanda expertly guided the audience through the many challenges marketers face and shared ideas on how to get the stuff done that they should be doing. Matt Holtz ran through the best practices of retargeting and remarketing with Andrew following up with an insightful case study showcasing Kickdynamic’s capabilities in a real world application. Matt rounded off the afternoon with an overview of Kickdynamic’s capabilities and functionality showing how versatile, successful and resource friendly ‘marketing in the moment’ can be.

If you are interested viewing the presentations or finding out about the next event please contact us via our events page.

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Live Forecasts & Product Swaps Based On Weather At Open

We have been working away and have quietly released a new Kickdynamic feature that utilises something that we all like to talk about – the weather! With the Kickdynamic weather product you are able to show live weather forecasts and swap products based on the weather at the location the email is opened.

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