Email Content Strategy – Where To Start

Starved of email content ideas? Sometimes it can be hard to consistently produce email newsletters with amazing content.

Email newsletters should be distinguished from other promotional or sale emails that you send on a regular basis. A newsletter is an email program that builds your community and informs and educates your subscribers.

Hopefully this post will help you get amazing content ideas and build a content plan that sets you up for success.

Strategy Top Three:

Use social posts with high engagement

Use content that you produce for social posts that sparked interest with your community for email content. The subject is obviously important to your followers and therefore you can expand on it and make a well-read newsletter.

Use interesting comments on your blog posts

Blog post comments are another great place to get ideas for email content. A blog post you write might spark a side conversation that can be expanded and used as content for your next newsletter. You could also consider looking at comments on other blogs in your industry to see what is being discussed.

Company updates

Including interesting company updates or events can product quality newsletter content. Customers have the information at their fingertips to decide which companies to do business with. Therefore you have to be transparent and build a well-liked brand.

Company updates can include the following:

  • Employee spotlight featuring a different employee every week
  • Company outings if fun and meaningful
  • Charity events
  • Major investment or company change

Panning Top Three:

Have a documented plan

Mapping a content calendar plan is absolutely vital for continued email content creation. The ultimate plan is one that maps out your email marketing calendar for an entire. Although this might sound ridiculous because things change week on week, never mind in in 12 months time, it really does work. You can still plan email content in the future based on life events such as Christmas and Easter.

Using excel is great for writing your plan. I put days across the top and then weeks and months down the left, using a colour code for different types of content and marking when it is done. You can then use this calendar to quickly report to the team the plan for the coming months and also report success of the previous months.

Get buy in from all teams

You will need input from multiple teams, so you must get their approval and ‘buy-in’. A great way to do this is to share the email content plan for the coming months and the appropriate task with each team. It also provides an opportunity for the team to let you know of any issues with them delivering on time so you can adjust accordingly.

Be realistic with content that can be produced

There is nothing worse than not delivering on your content marketing plan. Therefore be realistic on what can be turned around in a short space of time. Email marketing is adaptable and you can react quickly; however email still has to be tested and checked to ensure flawless execution.