Has the email gone?

Have you ever wanted to change an email after you sent it? I remember exactly where I was when I realised I had sent an email to 23,000 recipients with something I really had to change (walking home via Green park in London…). As an email marketer you never forget your first time.

There are some things you can’t change: the subject line, HTML or text. However, you can change the images, after the email has been sent. I remember doing this for the first time too, for a UK retailer’s 24 hour sale back in 2007. We changed the image at midnight from ‘coming soon’ to ‘Sale now on’. Now, with Kickdynamic tech, you can do so much more. Firstly, you don’t have to actually stay up till midnight – a rule will do that for you. Secondly, you can add a live countdown timer. Thirdly, not only can you change the image, you can also change the link. In fact you can change the image and link for each individual recipient, on every open, following business rules you set up.

woocommerce-out-of-stock-labelOne scenario we come across frequently is products going out of stock before an email is opened. If you feature a product in an email, you often need to plan this some days in advance of a send out, so that the email designer can work on the look and feel. If you have a low stock level, the product may have very few left by the time the email is sent. If the mailing does well, this may compound the problem. Say you are sending to 1 million people over 6 hours. The recipients of the email in hours 5 and 6 might be clicking through to a product that is out of stock, which is a frustrating experience: you have just promoted something that’s no longer possible. With Kickdynamic, you can automatically identify products that are out of stock and replace them in the email with products that are in stock, in under 400 milliseconds.

This is useful for Deal sites or Private sale businesses, or, in fact, any retailer with a fast moving stock situation. It’s also useful for live pricing – say your prices change depending on events, in the way that Uber’s price changes during a tube strike. Or you can simply track a live event such as a sporting fixture.