How do you personalize when you have no data?

Personalization is a top priority for marketers this year according to Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2016 report (and every marketer we’ve asked too!). ‘Personalization is a priority’ is often followed by ‘but it’s hard to do’.

The phrases ‘big data’ and ‘single customer view’ are frequently bandied around, and tend to make personalization sound like a difficult beast to tame, especially when it comes to dynamic content and actually using your data. After all, how can you possibly personalize an email when you’ve got such complex data structures (or unstructures in a lot of cases), and, even if your data ducks are in a row, is it even possible to use this data in your ESP in a useful way? It suddenly becomes tricky.

But here’s the thing: It’s actually never been easier. You can achieve significant and effective personalization without ‘big data’. You can use the recipient context (location, time, device) to personalize a message even if you have absolutely no data.

The next step is to use recent browsing behaviour to personalize a message. If the recipient has been looking at dresses, show them your best offers in your dresses category, or the newest dresses, just in. Suddenly, from ‘no data’ you are confirming a great brand experience. All of this is possible within a couple of weeks of set up and requires nothing more than access to a tag manager or Google Analytics.