Kickdynamic Rule Builder – Email’s most advanced contextual rule builder

Use email’s most advanced rule builder to adapt content to the exact contextual situation of your customer at the time they open email.

With Kickdynamic’s rule builder, you are able to define which content is displayed depending on the following: the time the email is opened, the location of the recipient when opening the email, the device used to read the email and the weather condition at open. As a result, email content is now contextually relevant to your customer’s surroundings and adapts every time email is opened, even when those surroundings change.

Using Kickdynamic rule builder personalises content at the time-of-open for all contextual situations, increasing click throughs and driving revenue.

What is open time personalisation?

Open time personalisation is the new segmentation. It is the process of adapting email content at the moment the email is opened, i.e. when images are downloaded. Traditionally, when email arrived in the inbox it was stale, flat and the same for every recipient. However, with open-time personalisation it now adapts to the user’s contextual information at the time of open.

What context can you use?

Context is the recipient’s surroundings, what they are doing when they read the email and can also include the following:

Weather: at the time of open adapt images based on the weather in the location of open; or show 3/5/7 day weather forecasts based on a traveler’s destination.

Device or email client: determine and adapt the content based on the device that is being used when email is opened. Tablet readers are more engaged; therefore, tailor the content based on that knowledge.

Timing: easily adapt content based on the exact time the email is read. Keep email in the now. For example, if the email is opened between Monday and Friday show image A; if it is opened at the weekend show image B.

Location: your customer is on the move and now email can keep up by adapting content to the location of the customer when email is opened.

The above contextual situations can be combined to build a real-time, 1:1, live-contextual email. Furthermore, it is both quick and easy to build your rule-based TAG with the intuitive rule selector flow.

Get techy:

In addition, if you want to get really technical, you can, using advanced sql-based language to build multiple contextual rules easily, using and / if statements and clauses.

To find out more see the rule builder in action.