Live Forecasts & Product Swaps Based On Weather At Open

We have been working away and have quietly released a new Kickdynamic feature that utilises something that we all like to talk about – the weather! With the Kickdynamic weather product you are able to show live weather forecasts and swap products based on the weather at the location the email is opened.

This product allows you to sync email content with your customer’s daily life, making the content relevant to the weather where they are when they are reading your email. Add weather based relevancy to your newsletters, welcome emails and other lifecycle messages.

Using weather to change content provides your customers with a real-time contextual content, maximising engagement and lifetime value.

So how can you utilise the weather in your email messages?

1. Change images based on weather conditions at open

You can use our weather feature to ‘swap’ product images based on the weather at the time-of-open. In the Kickdynamic interface you are able to set specific images to be displayed based on different weather conditions at the time of open.

Here are the weather conditions you can use. Multiple conditions can be selected for each image.


Use cases:

  • If it is sunny when a customer opens email, show shorts or t-shirt. However, if it is cold or raining, show hats and scarfs. This has worked very well for both fashion  and DIY customers, who want to vary the products based on the weather.
  • Show promo banners when the weather is bad: “20% off wet weather gear”; or pomo banners when the weather is good: “15% off all board shorts”.
  • You can set one image to be a default for all ‘other’ weather conditions. A good example of this would be to show a image if it is snowing and then display a standard image for all other weather conditions (sunny, rain etc.).

Check out an example from Homebase here:

2. 3/4/5-day weather forecast at open or destination:

A great way to utilise weather is to show a forecast to your customers when they open your email. For example, if your customer opens the email in New York, they will see a 2-5 day weather forecast for New York, allowing them to know what weather to expect.

This works very well for travel emails, specifically when showing the forecast at the destination your customer is travelling to. For example, if I am travelling to San Francisco and the hotel/travel company sends me an email 3 days before departure, it will contain the forecast in San Francisco, allowing me to plan appropriately. This is excellent, informational and valuable email content that provides your customers with a streamlined experience.

How is this performed? We manage this with the the unique Kickdynamic TAG that takes travel destination as a mail merge and updates the image.

Find out more in our mini-guide here.

3. Weather at open

You can show the actual weather at open in email content to provide valuable information to your customers. Utilise the weather at open for information and newsletter email campaigns.

Asda use the following weather bar style:

Use weather to update live email content, driving sales and providing a valuable email experience to your customers.

Contact the Kickdynamic Team to find out more.