New Kickdynamic Help Site

Please do enjoy our new Help Center

We have overhauled and updated these pages to reflect the improvements and new features in We have also benefited from lots of different new use cases and examples, particularly from our Account Management team. If you thought a Countdown timer was a simple idea, you are right, you just set up the end time, pick a template and insert the tag, right? Yes, but there are also lots of other questions and things to remember, such as: what happens to the image, when the end time is reached? Can I reformat the timer for mobile? Can I use my own design? I need to have this specific font, how do I do that? What happens in Outlook? You will find all the answers in our Help Center.

There are similarly plenty of questions on how to deploy a ‘Nearest Store’ tag or how exactly our Advanced Analytics works. Now the Help Center is never complete, we will always be updating it. If there is something you spot that we should add, please do let us know via or your Account Manager.