Release the power of deep linking for your mobile email

Having a mobile optimised email strategy is a must.

Email read on a mobile device has overtaken both desktop and web mail opens, and will continue to increase as the world goes mobile.

Kickdynamic advanced analytics shows that 46.3% of email is read on a mobile device compared to 31.5% on webmail and 22.2% on desktop.

We also find that 7% of readers open email on two or more environments.

With this in mind, what can we do to make email work better on a mobile device and be consistent for multiple opens?

There are design considerations such as @media queries that you should follow to ensure that your email looks great and renders well in the mobile inbox.

However, this does not offer a full picture and you must also consider the context. Context for mobile refers to the current reading environment (mobile or laptop) and also the user action.

There is nothing worse than reading an email on your mobile device, clicking the link and being taken to the mobile or normal site, as opposed to the brand’s app, which you always use.

Why do brands to this? Most likely it is because they are unable to detect if the email recipient is reading on a mobile device or laptop, or if they even have the app installed.

At Kickdynamic we have solved this issue.

With Kickdynamic you can overcome this poor user experience and make your mobile email seriously powerful. We are able to detect reading environment and determine the correct action to take.


Deep-linking uses a schema to call an app and manage a command. It was traditionally used for in app navigation; however, it can be used in email.

We have built our technology to command the action of a link depending on the reading environment. For example:

  • The link can open a specific area of the app when clicked on a mobile device on which the app is installed.
  • When clicked on a mobile device without the app installed, the link can open the app store at the relevant area.
  • When clicked on a desktop or laptop, the link can direct to the app store for Macs or a pre-determined landing page such as their website.

This works for all major mobile devices and tablets such as the iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad, Samsung Tablet.

This gives your customers a consistent experience across all reader environments and very powerful mobile device experience.

Let’s dive deeper into this with another example:

Pre-populate a tweet with the twitter app. Using deep linking you can make email sharable by linking directly to the twitter app with a pre populated tweet. If the twitter app is not installed then the user is directed to the web version of twitter.

Click on a image or link the email (Kickdynamic demo email for example):

Deep linking step 1

The tweet can also be pre-populated:

Tweet it

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