Our New Product Image Timer is Live!

The Kickdynamic team is excited to announce that our new product, Image Timer is now live.

So what is Image Timer I hear you ask?

Image Timer allows you to set which image is displayed and when in your email in a neat and clear interface with one HTML TAG only.

You can do the following for example:

  1. Set which image to display from start of your campaign until a specific date and time;
  2. Set another image to display from that date and time to another selected date and time; and
  3. Set a final image to display from then to the end of the campaign

All you need to do is upload your images, set the timing, add the HTML TAG to your template and you are done. Your images will then be displayed at the set time to each recipient.


Image Timer negates the need to change images on your image server, or send multiple email campaigns.

This can be done in your time zone or the time zone of your recipient by selecting one of the following feature options:


Image Timer is great for offers, changes, announcements and coming soon messages. Find out more.

Kickdynamic Team.