Top Four Tactics For Open-Time Email Personalisation

Open-time personalisation is the process of personalising email content based on your customer’s surroundings at the time of opening, not at the time of send. As a result, email can be personalised and contextual based on the actual time of open, the location, what device is used and the latest social information. Email can now be in sync with your customer as they get on with their busy lives.

So how can you use open-time personalisation today for an always moving, always relevant email?

1.  At open image optimisation

As an email marketer you are aware of the importance strong imagery has on email engagement and brand identity. Striking imagery for hero sections and product images are vitally important to drive click-through rates and increase engagement. Therefore, these images should be continually optimised so the highest converting images are seen by your subscribers; this is where Imager Optimizer comes in.

Image Optimizer allows you to test multiple images to a quota of opens, after which the image with the highest number of clicks is displayed to the rest of the openers. As a result you are always putting your best image forward: the highest converting image is seen by the majority of your opens.

Image Optimizer can be used with hero images, as per the Secret Escapes use case.

By using different lifestyle images, Secret Escapes optimised their email, increased click-through by 12% and revenue (from email) by 9%. Image Optimizer can also be used for product images, if you wish to test different product ‘shots’.

Furthermore, the Kickdynamic platform allows you to see which image is getting the most clicks live via campaign reports:


 2. The latest social word

Your brand is more than likely very active with social content and your customer will have interacted with your brand on one of the major social networks. Use the latest social content in email via social streams and your email will always be buzzing and fresh.

You can stream the latest tweets from your brand with specific #TAGs. This is an example from NET-A-PORTER fashion, who stream the latest tweets from London and worldwide fashion weeks with TAGs:



Don’t just stop with Twitter; you can also show the latest Instagram images from your brand’s Instagram account. It is also possible to filter via #TAG and include comments and likes.

3. Creating urgency with ticking countdown clocks

Using a clock or timer that ticks down in your email to the end of a sale can increase click-through rate by 9% and conversion by 4%. When your customer opens the email, a clock showing when the sale ends adds a sense of urgency, encouraging them to act and make the purchase.

Our customers have found that the use of clocks in a 24-72 hour period prior to the end of sale generates the best engagement. This is because this time window is one where subscribers don’t want to miss out on the sale.

Countdown clocks can also be used in trigger and lifecycle messages. For example, if you send a welcome email that contains a time limited coupon, you can have a clock counting down to the coupon’s expiry. The unique Kickdynamic TAG allows the coupon expiry date to be merged into it so we can build a unique clock per welcome messages for each customer and discount coupon.

 4. Location aware content:

Nearest Store can display a map showing nearest multiple stores based on your customer’s location when they open email. This makes email relevant to your customer’s location when they are on the move, driving more traffic to your ‘bricks and mortar’ stores.

When recipients click on the map they can be directed to:

  • Google maps application on their mobile device – with directions to the actual nearest store; or
  • Google maps in a web browser on a desktop – with directions to the actual nearest store; or
  • A different landing page

The map and directions will update as your customers are on the move, showing the nearest store based on where they are when they open the email.

Using open-time personalisation makes email relevant at every time email is opened increase revenue and maximising engagement.