Top Tip for Christmas: Number 11

Merry Xmas Everybody – Social Feeds and User Generated Content

instagramAdd social feeds into your email so that you always display the most recent, up-to-date social media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can even scrape latest news or syle feeds from your site. Add a live instagram feed into your email to show your festive posts and perfect presents.

Top Tip

lightbulbYou could even include user generated content in your email. Simply use a feed to pull your customer images from a hashtag or user gallery and display them in your email. It’s a simple idea, but it’s guaranteed to get your customer’s excited. Imagine if they opened your email and saw themselves or their image in the email. It’s your chance to give something back to your customers this festive season. And the bonus of adding user generated content from your website feed is that it’s already signed off!

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