Top Tip for Christmas: Number 4

The 12 days of Christmas

timer2Our client Zalando took countdown timers to a new level with their 12 products in 12 hours campaign. This is a great campaign to run over the Christmas period to promote popular products. You may wish to promote offers on 12 products over 12 days or a variation of that. This new approach to product promotions creates hourly urgency resulting in numerous opens of one email and an increase in revenue.


The analytics from the Zalando email show numerous repeat opens spiking every hour when a new product moved into the 60 minute sale window.


retailThere is a real opportunity for retailers to promote products in this way. We think a 12 days of Christmas campaign with 12 products on offer each day would work a treat. Or an email with 12 products promoted for an hour each like the Zalando campaign to increase urgency and drive sales. You can expect to see a high number of repeat opens, high click throughs and an increase in revenue. It’ win, win, and win!

You can expect to see numerous opens and re-opens of the email and high clickthrough rates as recipients click through on numerous products in the email.


Twelve destinations promoted, one a day for 12 days. Booking a getaway is a longer decision making process than buying a jumper so we recommend running this campaign over a longer time period such as 24 hours. Twelve brilliant holidays/destinations/hotels/flights promoted one a day for 12 days in one email.

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