Top Tip for Christmas: Number 5

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

timeChristmas is a time-sensitive time of year. People typically have more demands on their time at this time, whether it’s Christmas parties, catch ups with friends or shopping commitments. So why not try to make their email experience as relevant and useful as possible by display relevant content each and every time your email is opened. If a specific offer has finished it doesn’t mean your content has to be out of date or stop you converting revenue. If a deadline has passed, automatically swap the image to display something that is relevant.

A great example is Christmas delivery…

When the email is sent you may wish to display an image showing the time remaining for delivery in time for Christmas, once this deadline passes the email will show an image that displays the nearest store to open for last minute bits and then after Christmas the email can display an image that advertises post-Christmas sales. By using time of open to determine what image is served you can always display relevant content to drive revenue.

Day of send:

christmas delivery1

When delivery before Christmas ends:

christmas delivery2

When Boxing Day sale starts:

christmas delivery3

Top Tip

lightbulbUse timed images during your January sales to swap images to display different messages such as ‘the sale has started’, ‘there’s still time’ and the ‘sale has ended’.


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