Top Tip for Christmas: Number 7

I’ll be home for Christmas – Geotargeting

targetShoppers in the UK and shoppers in Australia are subject to very different weather conditions when doing their Christmas shopping. Through the use of geotargeting, the content of your email will automatically be populated with content relevant to the weather conditions at the location of open. For example, if the email is opened in Brisbane where the weather is 35 degrees and 90% humidity, the email will automatically display warm weather promotions, if the weather is -5 and snowing, cold weather promotions will show in the email content.

Top Tip

lightbulbTeam this with the relevant calls to action such as find your nearest store for those opening on mobile devices or direct those opening on desktops to your online store. You can also take this further by using the weather to determine what information is displayed for example in Brisbane you can display the weather and a message saying ‘stay cool, shop from the comfort of your own home’ and although the content directs the recipient to the online store, the cold version may say – ‘it’s too cold outside to go shopping, stay warm and shop online.’ The message is the same but the context is relevant to the recipient.

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