What Makes A Good Newsletter?

Email marketing newsletters can be the foundation of an email marketing strategy and are enjoyed by your customers on a regular basis.

The newsletter format is a great way to showcase multiple ideas in one email. It is an opportunity to inject brand identity into the inbox of your customers. Whether you send a newsletter weekly or monthly, it is a strong way to drive both brand loyalty and engagement.

A good newsletter has to be well designed and have great copy. It is not something that is ‘thrown’ together at the last minute. It normally has multiple stories and components and therefore can take time to prepare.

In the following article I take a look at some good examples and explain the reasons for their success I also want to discuss some different newsletter ideas.

What makes a good newsletter?

  • Easy to read and scan with clear sections
  • Mobile relevant
  • Great copy
  • Fun
  • A level of recipient relevance



The ASOS email is a great example of a well-formed email with the following things we like:

  • Animated GIF
  • Pre-Header
  • Navigation
  • HTML text image ratio
  • Little but great May Bank Holiday copy



UncommonGoods always produce a noteworthy email in newsletter style. Although it is one image that is traditionally not best practice I like the following:

  • Amazing branding
  • Great copy
  • Strong mages

What would we improve?

The copy feels a little too long and ideally should be HTML. Now that is difficult with the current layout but it could make it easier to read.



The MoosLetter contains articles not just associated directly with business cards and offers advice to help small businesses get ahead. I like the following:

  • Great branding
  • Excellent layout with imagery above text

What would we improve?

The first image is generic and somewhat boring, and does little to represent the full impact of the article.



The Debenhams email always stands out in the inbox and has the following aspects that I like:

  • Good header and pre-header. Promoting the APP in the header is a great idea. I would suggest just showing the APP image (iPhone, Android, Kindle etc) based on the device the recipients open the email on.
  • Great HTML to image ratio

What would we improve?

The Debenhams email is very long and contains a great deal of information. Whilst in certain circumstances that can work in an email, I feel that it is too much in this instance.



OK so not strictly a newsletter but the email has a newsletter style layout. The following is good:

  • Great branding
  • Product layout
  • Steal of the day

What would we improve?

Include a Countdown clock to drive urgency around the sale.

What are your favourite newsletters?