Kickdynamic new features Personalized Images Countdown Clocks

What’s new – Yay!

What is coming in March?

Every month (or so) we push the latest version of the OpenTime marketing platform live to our customers. So what’s new? and what’s coming in March?

Templates for Personalized images, Timers and Content Automation

Kickdynamic customers are using more and more of our template functionality to create their own Personalized images and Countdown Clocks. The templates allow you to upload your own background image and overlay the Kickdynamic functionality so that you have a Timer or Personalized image that is completely on-brand. We have therefore moved this function from the account area into the main navigation to make it easier to access and to help with the workflow. You will see it here, next to Campaigns and Analytics.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.57.17

Please use the templates area to build your live-image templates. You can then create as many Live Content Tags as you need using your own branded templates.

Personalized images Countdown Clocks Content Automation

Content Automation is a new function that we are beta testing. You can create a live image from any feed, website or API using Content Automation. If you would like to be part of the testing program please contact us.

Font upload

You can now upload your own font to use in your live-image templates! To do this, please go to your user name top right and select Account:


Here you can select Font and upload your desired font.

Your uploaded font will be accessible in all images templates automatically once uploaded.

Clock image speed

Clock image speed. We have been fine turning the animated versions of our live-images to reduce the weight, and therefore the rendering speed, of the image.

Now, to the naked eye, the image loads instantly, however, looking at logs we noticed the image wasn’t loading to our extremely high standards. We have now improved this and clock images load fastest in the west.

If you have any feedback, please let me know.